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Annual Street Resurfacing
The City of East Palo Alto has commenced its Capitol Improvement Program (ST-07-13-22) to perform work annually to preserve and to rehabilitate the pavement that makes up the 38.8 miles of City roads. In addition, this work will include spot replacement of some curbs & gutters and the installation of curb ramps to create ADA compliant pedestrian walkways.

The City has also established a Pavement Management Program where it has surveyed all City roads and given each one a condition rating, also known as a Pavement Conditions Index (PCI) which is a scale of 0 to 100. In its last survey, the City's average PCI was 62. It is the City's goal to improve it's roads with it's available funds and while not all roads can be improved as early as desired, the City welcomes and considers the community's input in deciding which roads to prioritize for improvement.

2019 Resurfacing Project
See the following link for information on this year's project. Click here

Schedule of Work (as of September 19th)
The following are tentative dates for upcoming repaving work in the University Village and Gardens neighborhoods.

  • October 1 - Utility lids/covers adjustment (Phase 1): Lower lids in preparation for pavement grinding activities.
  • October 7 - Grind pavement to a 2.5" depth in University Village neighborhood.
  • October 10 - Apply 3" thick pavement layer (overlay).
  • October 15 - Grind pavement to a 2.5" depth in Gardens neighborhood.
  • October 17 - Apply 3" thick pavement layer (overlay).
  • October 21  - Utility lids/covers adjustment (Phase 2): Raise lids to be same height with pavement. 
  • October 24 - Restriping of pavement

The schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen conditions.