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Runnymede Storm Drain Phase II
The Runnymede Storm Drain Phase II and Repair of the O’Connor Pump Station Outfall Structure Project

The Runnymede Storm Drain Improvement Project was designed to alleviate residential and commercial flooding in the eastern portion of the City. The drainage ditch in the Project Area receives water from the Runnymede storm drain and transports it to the detention basin at the O’Connor Pump Station where it is pumped into San Francisquito Creek. Deferred maintenance of the channel and basin for a number of years has resulted in a build-up of sediment and vegetation, which has diminished the ditch’s storm water conveyance capacity. Due to its diminished capacity, the drainage system currently provides inadequate flood protection for nearby residential and commercial areas.

The Runnymede Storm Drain Improvement Project was separated into two phases. Phase I consisted of the installation of a diversion box and box culvert at the head of the of the Runnymede drainage ditch where approximately 40% of the existing storm drainage in the City is Discharged.

Phase II consists of:
• Completing the box culvert outfall which will entail adding a pre-cast concrete outfall structure and energy dissipation and bank protection materials, such as rip rap, to the northern end of the ditch.
• Excavating and widening the drainage ditch along the length of the Project Area as well as the detention basin at the southern end of the Project Area;
• Installing a small berm for flood protection west of the drainage ditch and detention basin utilizing the materials excavated from the channel and basin;
• Retrofitting an existing footpath over the drainage ditch located approximately 50 feet south of the terminus of Beech Street utilizing new corrugated metal culverts; and
• a future project element to construct a new footpath at the eastern terminus of Cypress Street that crosses the Runnymede ditch and connects to the Bay Trail to the east.

In conjunction with the Runnymede storm drain improvements, the City plans to the repair of the O’Connor Pump Station outfall structure. The O’Connor Pump Station outfall structure discharges storm water collected from most of the City to San Francisquito Creek. The floor of the outfall structure has settled differentially over its lifespan causing cracks which prevent the outfall from functioning properly. The floor of the outfall structure will be repaired by pressure injecting pressurized Portland cement grout under the slab which will elevate the slab to its original orientation.

On May 21, 2013, City Council heard the comments and opened a public hearing regarding the Initial Study (IS)/ Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the project, following deliberations they adopted the MND for the project and authorized design of the project to proceed. A Notice of Determination recorded at the County of San Mateo.

The Permitting documents are currently in the process of being finalized for the Section 401 Water Quality Certification, USACE Section 404 Nationwide Permit, Section 1602 Streambed Alteration Permit, NMFS/USF&W Section 7 Biological Assessment and Consultation, Section 106 permit under the National Historic Preservation Act, BCDC permit and other related permitting. The City has is in the process of easement acquisition from PG&E and preparation of the final Plans, Specifications, Engineers Cost Estimates and other Bid documents.

Because of Endangered Species limitations restricting heavy construction operations to a period between September 1 and January 31, we anticipate the project going to Bid sometime in June or July of 2014.
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Additional Information
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  • MND Notice of Determination